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Design, Develop &
Deploy GenAI, in Days.

Prompt engineering, Conversational Personas, Org-wide AI, Workspaces, One-Click APIs, Dataspaces, Observability and more. Everything you need to take your apps and workflows from Playground to ProductionTM with ease and confidence.

We support OpenAI, Azure OpenAI, Claude, Gemini, Llama, Cohere and other popular models.

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Design - AI Studio

Access AI models of your choice to design solutions for conversational and non-conversational use cases in your business.

Develop - REST API

Develop with a comprehensive yet simple REST API that takes care of prompt management, personas, memory, private document, etc.

Deploy - AI Apps & Chat

Confidently deploy your solutions to be used internally as Tools and Chat, or into products, with control and visibility.

We Simplify AI, So You Can Focus on Delivering.

Prompt Engineering Made Easy

In our intuitive studio, create prompts for instructional, and personas for conversational Gen AI Use cases with ease.

Focus on Solving, not POCs

Generative AI brings with it, infinite possibilities and innovations - it's time to focus on them vs. infra needs.
No Jargon, Just Results
We let you deliver results without getting lost in LangChain, RAG, Finetuning, Embeddings and other tech non-sense.
Plug-and-Play REST APIs
Every use case you want to build is always one REST API call away -with transparency and security at the core.
Simple for You, Always.
We take care of all the complexities, so you don't have to. Power Up with AI in days.
Future Proof Your Efforts
Tired of AI that keeps changing? Adopt a platform approach and offload your risks. Upgrade easily without rework.

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Product Features

Use Cases You Can Deliver On

Content Generation

Customize AI to deliver on your Content Generation needs.
Easy Integration
Integrate AI-enabled content generation into your applications using our platform's API, or simply use our chat experience, leveraging an AI model of your choice.
Ensure your content strategy is inline with your brand values, style, etc. by leveraging prompt engineering to create custom use cases tailored to your specific needs.
Creative Uses
Empower your teams to generate unique, engaging content ideas and perspectives leveraging content generation into their creative processes, and tools.
Content at Scale
Streamline and scale your content creation process by integrating AI. Enabling your teams to focus on strategic tasks while maintaining quality and consistency.
Diverse Content Types
Utilize Hyperleap AI's prompt engineering to generate a wide variety of content from articles and product descriptions at scale for social media and email campaigns.
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Develop use cases around summarization of long text.
Integrate with Ease
Seamlessly incorporate AI-powered summarization into your applications and workflows using our platform's flexible API and intuitive prompt engineering tools.
Customize Outputs
Generate summaries tailored to your application's specific requirements, such as length, format, and target audience, ensuring optimal integration and user experience.
Accelerate Decisions
Make informed decisions faster by integrating summarization capabilities that quickly extract key insights and relevant information from vast amounts of data.
Boost Productivity
Streamline your workflows and increase overall efficiency by integrating summarization tools that condense lengthy documents or reports into easily digestible formats.
Versatile Use Cases
Leverage Hyperleap AI's prompt engineering to create summarization solutions for a wide range of applications, from research and analysis to content management and beyond.
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Conversational AI

Build customized conversational bots and experiences
Conversational AI
Effortlessly incorporate AI-powered conversational interfaces into your applications and internal systems using our platform's flexible API and easy-to-use prompt engineering tools.
Contextual Understanding
Leverage prompt engineering to develop conversational AI models that understand and respond to user queries with high accuracy, considering the context and intent behind each interaction.
Personalized Experiences
Create engaging, human-like conversations tailored to your users' unique needs and preferences by harnessing the power of prompt engineering and Generative AI.
Enhance User Engagement
Integrate conversational AI capabilities that provide instant, 24/7 support and intelligent recommendations, driving user engagement and satisfaction within your applications.
Accessible via Chat Tool
Empower your entire organization to access and utilize Conversational AI through our user-friendly chat tool, enhancing efficiency and collaboration across teams.
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Categorize items into the buckets they belong.
Seamless Services
Effortlessly incorporate AI-powered classification capabilities into your applications and internal systems using our platform's flexible API and intuitive studio.
Customizable Categories
Develop classification services tailored to your specific use case by leveraging prompt engineering to define custom categories, labels, and taxonomies inline with your requirements
Automate Data Organization
Streamline organizational processes by integrating classification capabilities that automatically categorize and label large volumes of data, saving your teams time and effort.
Enhance Search & Discovery
Improve user experience and internal data discovery by integrating classification models that enable fast, accurate, and relevant search results within your applications.
Accessible to All
Empower your entire organization to leverage classification capabilities with our user-friendly chat tool, making data organization and discovery a collaborative effort.
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Private Data (RAG)

Add private documents and websites (RAG) as context.
Built-In RAG
Leverage our platform's out-of-the-box RAG capabilities to easily integrate private data into your AI-powered applications without the need for extensive setup or configuration.
Secure & Compliant
Ensure the privacy and security of your sensitive data with our platform's built-in RAG capabilities, designed to keep your information safe and compliant with data privacy regulations.
Contextual Insights
Empower your teams to generate content that leverages insights from your organization's private data, providing highly relevant and contextual information - leveraging built-in RAG.
Streamlined Workflows
Automatically retrieve relevant information from your private documents with built-in RAG, saving your team's time and effort, and streamlining your content generation workflows.
Customize RAG
Tailor the built-in RAG capabilities to your specific use case using prompt engineering, ensuring that the retrieved information and generated content align with your unique requirements.
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All platform features
Up to 50 Workspaces
Up to 15 Members (for AI design via studio)
Unlimited Users (for chat)
100k API calls included (+add-ons available)
Up to 1 GB private data (50MB per document)
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All platform features
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Unlimited Members
Unlimited Users (for chat)
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Unlimited private data (50MB per document)
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