Do businesses need a platform approach to adopting Generative AI? Read our thesis.

The Generative AI Platform that takes you from Playground to Production.

Bridging the gap between AI's potential
and real-world application.
Unlock the true potential of AI in your apps.
Prompt Engineering Streamlined.
Developer & Business-friendly.
Business Continuity & Readiness.

Prompt Engineering made easy: Playground, Chat Studio, and more.

Team effort to bring out the best of AI.

Prompt Engineering
For helping business users design effective Prompts, that deliver the AI goodness.
For seamless collaboration among various groups within the organization.
Chat Studio
For designing Chat Flows that boost productivity, or help create avatars for application use.
Prompt Library
For starting points to help you get started on the right path.

Collaboration made simple: Workspaces, Sharing, and more.

Team effort to bring out the best of AI.

Workspaces help share prompts with colleagues, and iteratively improve them.
Access Control
Advanced role-based access controls allow for granular prompt and workspace permissions.
∞ users
Add any number of team members to the app, without having to worry about increasing costs.
Share prompts, prompt runs, outputs, and

Enterprise-ready by default: Privacy, Security & Scalability.

Team effort to bring out the best of AI.

Fully control every aspect of access for prompts, outputs, APIs and more seamlessly.
With stringent access- checks, and advanced security in place, your data is always secure.
We scale with your business. Your apps run smoothly, even as you add more data, or users.
Audit, Analysis
Audit every AI interaction and ensure you keep your peace of mind.

Future-proof your AI strategy: Fine-tuning, A/B testing, and more.

Adapt to the changing world of AI with confidence.

Future-proof AI
Carve a path to advanced AI by collecting all the data you need to fine-tune custom AI models.
A/B testing
Check multiple AI prompt outputs - compare, contrast, and improvize
Fail-safe paths
Create fail-safe paths that ensures business continuity when AI fails to work the way it should.
Multiple models
Play with multiple models, and stay up-to-date.

What makes HyperleapAI special?

Seamless AI Integration

HyperleapAI makes embedding AI into business operations simple and efficient, enabling transformative change.

Robust Feature Suite

Our feature-rich platform is user-friendly, and designed to cater to all your AI needs, delivering a comprehensive solution.

Security and Privacy

With advanced encryption and strict protocols, HyperleapAI ensures maximum data security and privacy.

Scalable and Performant

HyperleapAI grows with your business, ensuring seamless performance and stability at every stage.

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