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Team Workspaces

Workspaces help with collaborative development of prompts, as well as organizing the intelligence you've designed by the applications, or teams they belong to. Besides, with role-based access, you have more control over everything.

Unite your teams, amplify your AI initiatives.

What can you do.

Create dedicated Workspaces for different teams, projects, or applications
Assign role-based access controls for granular permission management
Collaborate on prompt and persona design within shared Workspaces
Maintain version control and track changes for efficient asset management
Standardize AI interactions across the organization using shared resources
Monitor usage, performance, and feedback at the Workspace level
Seamlessly integrate Workspace assets into your applications and processes

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Why Team Workspaces?

Successful AI adoption requires a unified approach across the organization. Hyperleap AI's Team Workspaces feature enables businesses to create a cohesive environment for AI experimentation, collaboration, and deployment, ensuring that every team member is aligned and empowered to leverage AI effectively.

Streamlined Collaboration

Foster cross-functional synergy with shared Workspaces
Create shared Workspaces for seamless collaboration across teams
Enable multiple team members to contribute their expertise
Facilitate knowledge sharing and best practice exchange within the organization

Granular Access Control

Ensure security and compliance with role-based permissions
Assign roles such as admin, owner, editor, and reader to Workspace members
Control access to sensitive information and critical assets based on user roles
Maintain data integrity and prevent unauthorized changes or access

Standardized AI Interactions

Create a consistent AI experience across the organization
Develop and share standardized prompts and personas within Workspaces
Ensure that all teams are using approved, high-quality AI assets
Maintain a consistent brand voice and tone across all AI interactions

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly integrate Workspace assets into your ecosystem
Convert Workspace prompts and personas into production-ready APIs with a single click
Seamlessly integrate AI capabilities into your existing applications and processes
Rapidly deploy AI-powered features and functionality across your organization

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Elevate your AI collaboration with Hyperleap's Team Workspaces

Hyperleap's powerful team workspace capabilities empower your organization to collaborate more effectively, innovate faster, and deliver high-impact AI solutions with confidence. By providing secure and flexible collaboration, centralized asset management, streamlined workflows, and seamless tool integration, Hyperleap helps you break down silos, leverage collective intelligence, and scale AI success across your enterprise. Whether you're a small AI team or a global organization, Hyperleap's team workspaces provide the foundation you need to unleash your full AI potential. Try Hyperleap today and take your AI collaboration to the next level!

Is there a limit to the number of workspaces I can create in Hyperleap?

Hyperleap does not impose any hard limits on the number of workspaces you can create. However, depending on your subscription plan and usage requirements, there may be practical limits on storage, compute resources, and other factors. Contact Hyperleap's support team for guidance on workspace scaling and optimization.

How can I monitor usage and performance metrics for a specific workspace?

Hyperleap's observability and analytics features allow you to monitor usage and performance metrics for individual workspaces. You can view real-time data on prompt execution, model performance, and user interactions, and use this data to identify trends and optimize your AI workflows.

What types of permissions and access controls are available for workspace members?

Hyperleap offers granular permissions and access controls for workspace members. You can assign roles such as Admin, Editor, and Viewer to control who can create, modify, and access prompts and other assets within the workspace. You can also set up custom permissions for specific actions or resources.

Can I transfer prompts and other AI assets between different workspaces?

Yes, Hyperleap allows you to easily transfer prompts, models, and other AI assets between workspaces. Simply select the assets you want to move, choose the destination workspace, and click the "Transfer" button. Hyperleap will handle the rest, ensuring that all dependencies and configurations are preserved.

How do I create a new workspace for my team or project?

Creating a new workspace in Hyperleap is easy. Simply navigate to the Shared Workspaces page in the Console, click the "Create a Workspace" button, and follow the steps to set up your workspace. You can customize the workspace name, description, and settings to match your team's needs.